School Council


Since 2007, one of the Major System Priorities of the Cherokee County School System has been to increase the level of parent and community involvement.   As a result, the implementation of School Councils across all Cherokee County School was created.  Each Council consists of the principal, council chair, council secretary, at least 2 certified teachers, and parents representing each grade level.  The Council meets at least four times a year to discuss educational topics related to our students at Little River Elementary. Please feel free to contact me, Ambrea Holman or Kim Cousins, or your grade level or teacher representative should you have any concerns you want addressed at our next meeting.

Principal:  Karen Carl
Chair:  Ambrea Holman
Secretary:  Kim Cousins

Here are the parent grade level reps:

1: Tricia Caputo
2: Sandy Portis
3: Summer LaBlanc
4: Claudia Kennison
5: Amy Agnew
Alternates Shannon Burdette or Megan Ray

Teacher Reps:

Dana West
Kim Curran
Christy Rivero
Winn Ward